Mechanical, Structural and Thermal Engineering

Compression Springs

Compression springs have a very wide variety of uses in many industries. The mesh for the spring shown, and the FEA has been generated using in house software.

Thermal Electrical

Coupled heat transfer and electric current model is shown for an automotive fuse. 

Thermal-Electrical Model of an Automotive Fuse.

Composite Materials

A model of a carbon fibre composite structure under tension. Orthrotropic properties can be specified for each layer in the lamina. 

Carbon Fibre Composite.

Aerospace Structures

An aerofoil geometry with web box section is modelled with eight node quadratic plate elements.  

Plate Model of a an Aerofoil.

HVDC Towers

Truss element model of a typical architecture for HVDC transmission tower.

HVDC Transmission Tower.