Biomedical Engineering 

Titanium Porous Metal Implant.

Porous Metal Implants

Voxel based parametric model of porous metallic implants can also be generated from gyroids. Mesh generation and solution on our propriety, parallel enabled voxel solver carried out on a standard laptop, allowing for rapid optimization of implant stiffness.

3D Printed Porous Implant

3D Printing of Implant

Once the required stiffness has been determined using the voxel finite element solver. The model shown above can be exported to a 3D printing machine using inbuilt functionality in Paraview. Currently we are testing printed coupons such as this with our additive manufacturing partners. 

Palmaz Stent Expansion.

Metallic Stents

Expansion of a Palmaz stent. The material is 316L stainless steel with a standard Mises plasticity model.

Trabecular Bone Voxel Finite Element Model.

Porous Bone

Voxel model of a section of spongy bone generated from CT data. This model is over 1 million elements and can be solved on a standard laptop requiring only 2GB of RAM.