Research Areas

Parametric Meshing

Compression springs are a good example of components that can be generated parametrically. Shown here is an example of a spring with variable pitch composed of two different materials. 

Voxel FE Model of Particulate Composite Materials.

Advanced Materials

Voxel based models of particulate reinforced composite materials have been developed recently. The example shown is an epoxy matrix with a reinforcing ellipsoidal ceramic particle. The mesh is comprised of over one million elements. Solution can be executed with our parallel enabled solver using a standard laptop and visualized using the industry leading software Paraview. This allows for rapid optimization of composite properties such as stiffness or thermal conductivity.

Magnetic Field in an Iron Core.

Magnetic Fields

The range of applications of the Elementum field solvers has been extended to deal with static magnetic fields. The example shown shows an iron core driven into saturation, with excellent agreement with the analytical solution.

Periodic Minimal Surfaces.

Periodic Minimal Surfaces

PMS such as these are attracting increasing interest from researchers in tissue engineering as they provide ideal scaffolds for scaffolds used to regenerate hard tissues. Our meshing software has been updated to produce these meshes using Coon's surfaces with the boundaries specified by Bezier curves.